LSI firmware Flash for FreeNAS

flashing my M1015 LSI9211-8i SAS2008 (LSI9240/9211) SAS9240-8i to IR mode for direct disk access:

These URLs list some interesting reads about flashing the firmware of this LSI HBA

LSI homepage for the latest IT mode firmware ( I used P20)- this has many tools:

Lenovo driverpage for SAS HBA for TS440 ( has EFI sheel / tools):

This is the EFI shell that worked for my TS440 (Precompiled x86_64 UEFI Shell v1 binary ):

This is the P20 driver download location I used for FreeNAS

search for SAS 9211-8i Host Bus Adapter for firmware:


download directly FreeBSD driver P20 download file:


The TS140 it’s looking for a specific path and filename. Copy the x86 binary to ‘\efi\boot\bootx64.efi.’ need to rename it to ‘bootx64.efi’ that is what ts140 is looking for and only in that specific directory.


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